Private Lending Program at YAM Capital

Private Lending Program

YAM Capital is a private commercial real estate lending firm specializing in asset-based commercial real estate financing. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, our professional team of lending experts structures creative options for a variety of short-term financing needs. Our loans offer solutions to a wide range of scenarios, some of which include:

  • Acquisitions
  • Pre-Stabilized / Lease-Up
  • TI’s / Build-Outs
  • Partner Buy-Out
  • Re-Traded Loan Terms

  • Refinance / Pay-Downs
  • New Construction (AZ only)
  • Site Acquisition / Land
  • Ground Lease Buy-Out
  • Quick Close

  • Repositioning / Value-Add
  • Redevelopment
  • Recapitalization
  • Sponsor Credit Concerns
  • Cancelled Bank/CMBS Commitments

Our process is effectively designed to be simple and efficient. This includes an expedited approval process, ability to close quickly and, most importantly, certainty of execution.

YAM’s bridge lending program offers competitive terms with a high degree of flexibility – the proverbial box does not exist, which allows us to structure loans creatively and provides our borrowers with a broader offering of financing options. We lend on all property types, including specialty uses and land. In addition, we are not confined geographically, as we have the ability to lend in all 50 states – primary, secondary and tertiary markets.

As a private and direct lender, all of YAM’s loans are underwritten and processed internally. Our in-house underwriting staff can quickly assess your loan request and provide a prompt determination of interest. Post-closing, all loans are held on our balance sheet and serviced in-house, allowing immediate attention to any questions or requests regarding your loan. We value and develop productive relationships with our borrowers to provide innovative lending strategies that best suit our borrowers’ needs.

General Loan Terms

Loan Size $2MM - $50MM +
Interest Rate 7% - 12%
Fees 1% - 4%
Term 1 - 3 years
Amortization Interest-Only
Loan to Value Up to 85% LTV
Up to 85% LTC for Construction (AZ only)
Up to 100% for Build-Outs, TI's, and Redevelopment
Up to 50% LTV for Land
Coverage 1.20x - 1.30x using actual debt service (no stress test)
Prepay No Prepayment Penalty
Recourse Recourse and Non-Recourse are available
Collateral All Commercial RE Property Types, including Specialty Uses and Land
Security Position Senior Secured Interest (no equity and no mezz)

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